Summer bass fishing

Summer is my favorite season for bass fishing. I know plenty of people might disagree with me, especially when they hit a good bite in the spring or fall, but the one thing that Summer promises is consistency. While I’ve had excellent experiences with bass fishing in the fall and spring , I’ve gotten skunked in those seasons as well. Summer is different though in how a relatively unpredictable fish can be somewhat…predictable.

Plenty of anglers give up when the weather gets hot. I suppose there is some logic with hanging the rod up during the “Dog Days of Summer.” Hot weather and bright conditions certainly do make the fish less active. Bass are still very much catchable though, and you can very well match the success of the cooler months. Here are some tips on how to land bass during the hottest days of summer.

When the sun is out, hit the weeds
During the summer heat, my favorite spot are weedbeds. Bass love to hold in dense foliage during the day. Try fishing a moderate to heavy weeded spot that is at least 4 feet deep. One tip to lure out bass is to use a weedless frog and dance it across the surface of lilypads or water chestnut. Or through a weedless rigged plastic worm in the same manner and then let it drop at the waters edge.

Fish prime spots during dawn and dusk
Fish will always bite more aggressively during low light conditions during the summer months. At these times bass usually migrate short distances to points where baitfish are. It can be tricky to locate bass during these feeding blitzes, but one fail free method is to locate spots where the fish are “rising”(when a group of small fish is splashing on the surface).

Protected areas are better
A lot of lakes and rivers get a good deal of traffic during the summer months during the day. When noisy boats are out, I’ve always found the back sections of lakes and rivers which are somewhat isolated are better than open stretches.

Live bait yields the best success
During the day, bass are much less active and put less effort into feeding. It’s much harder to get a fish using a crank bait or spinner bait, especially when they are located in restrictive spaces. Using live bait is a better tactic during these times.

In short, bass fishing is actually quite good in the summer. While you won’t get 10 fish in an hour during the day like in the Spring, you definitely can still catch some lunkers, even during the hottest days.


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